Top 10 Most Popular Memes

Since memes only just recently began their hillariousity online (and by recently I mean since 2010), they don’t really have a standard format. The two most popular kinds are the cartoon faces usually at the end of mini-comics that are always super relatable, and animals inside different color pinwheels. Of course there’s the occasional political/newsworthy ones like the Casually Pepper-Spraying Everyone Cop that came out of the Occupy movement last November, but for the most part these quickly-created gems are for LOL-purposes only.

10. Joseph Ducreux/Archaic Rap Guy

Usually these require too much reading to be worth the final laugh, but the shorter versions are always funny, especially if you’re a Monty Python kind of dork. Joseph Ducreux was an eighteenth century French artist who somehow became the face of reinterpreting rap lyrics into Shakespearean-like language. This one is a classier version of “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.”

9. Asian Dad with High Expectations

Probably not too funny for people with dads like this one, this kind of meme is usually at least a little racist with improper English and bad driving jokes. We all know those poor souls who push themselves too hard because that’s what their parents expect of them, but at least here it’s ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.

8. Poker Face

One of those cartoon faces I mentioned earlier that obviously took less than two seconds to draw, this little guy without an expression gives us at least one way out of overly embarrassing situations. He’s always at the end of one of those mini-comics about super normal situations that we’ve all to poker-face our way out of.

7. Xzibit

The host of MTV’s Pimp My Ride, Xzibit is mostly just known for saying “Yo Dawg” all the time thanks to this meme. Paired with wordings of silly ways to pimp things out, the funniest thing about it is his goofy smile. There are more recent ones now of just his floating head over cars, and of course the one with his serious face that no one can take too seriously.

6. Overly-Possessive Girlfriend


The kind of girlfriend no one wants but everyone wants to make fun of. But hey, she deserves it. Her face is just precious – super excited and unassuming, but you know she’s definitely not the brightest crayon in the box. Especially since she doesn’t seem to have any other people to stalk besides her one true love.

5. Socially Awkward Penguin

For all those who never feel popular enough, this meme at least makes it seem like a universal struggle to be cool, calm, and collected. I have no clue why a penguin was chosen to represent this idea of social awkwardness, but they’re definitely not the animal at the aquarium that people go to see.

4. Bear Grylls

From Discovery Channel’s show Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls got famous for doing anything to survive, including drinking his own piss. The internet must have thought that was just hilarious, especially when you know, it’s a TV show so he has cameramen and a way of getting out of doing ridiculous stuff like this. But he does it anyways because he’s got to inform the public in case any of us end up without water stranded in the Alps. The first thing to do is drink your own piss.

3. Pedobear

Probably the creepiest cartoon of all time, Pedobear gets photoshopped into any image where it might be funny for little kids to get hit on. Which is actually a really horrifying concept when you think about it, but this lil’ bear is just for laughs – no real pervs allowed.

 2. Philosoraptor 

Complete with multiple Twitter account (the funniest one being @QuestionsOnLife), the Philosoraptor questions everything that either doesn’t make sense in the first place or is just something really funny to wonder about. He originated on a t-shirt and is now an online sensation with more than 152,000 followers.

1. Forever Alone

Another one of those cartoons at the end of comics, Forever Alone relates to all of us which is why it has thousands of different versions and takes the cake at number one. Although being alone is a pretty serious fear for most people, making light of situations is the job of the meme, and this one gets it done with a gross potato head and teary eyes. His non-comic memes are even more hilarious, especially since there’s usually less reading and ugly stick characters to deal with. Anyone who ever feels alone can take solace in the fact that their face probably doesn’t look like this guy’s.


  • Rick

    Bear Grylls is my HERO!