Scotland is the land of fairytales and natural wonders. By getting here, the entire magical world of the leprechauns, elves and dwarfs drag you in the heart of the island. Old and full of history monuments and buildings, waste and wild beaches emanating calm and freedom, all enchant you step by step and attract you…

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Youtube is where anyone can go to get their videos noticed, but by looking at this top ten list, it’s mostly just professional music videos. There are a couple of treasures from real life in there, but it won’t be anything you haven’t already heard of. These videos are ranked by most views, so we all…

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Cascades or waterfalls, as the most of us name them, always offer their viewers some of the most spectacular landscapes, a real spectacle of the nature. The most adventurous spirits can take a ride and get in touch with their nature calling. The next 10 waterfalls render the best the magic nature creates inside its…

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Top 10 Natural Products for Skin Care

A clean and well-cared skin says much about the person next to you. Nature has left us so many ingredients that we have from what to choose the best for each skin type. Being those fruits, vegetables or plants, natural ingredients help the body get rid of the “out of fashion” look. The next 10…

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The 10 Most Impressive Temples Around the World

The construction of a temple has the role of remembering people the existence of the Divinity they believe in. The temples are also the materialization of the place where believers can communicate with their Divinity. The next ten temples are the living proof of the beauties people can create in perfect communion with nature. From…

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The 10 Most Efficient Plants and Spices to Treat your Organism

The ecological phenomenon has spread all around the living population of this planet. Today, we have discovered, more than ever nature’s call and we use its healing herbs. The next ten herbs and other ingredients found all around us offer you the healthy alternative to pills and other drugs. 10. Turmeric From turmeric we obtain…

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10 Signs Showing That Your Partner is Cheating on You

The elders have their own saying regarding love. They all say that love is blind, and this is the main thing that prevents us from seeing the infidelities of our partner. Many times, when we are secure of the feelings our partner has for us, we face the things we fear the most: infidelity. The…

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Top 10 Amazing Extinct Animals

The terrestrial fauna has undergone major changes over the millions and hundreds of years that have passed. Today, images found on the internet, images that place us in front of the weirdest and most interesting animals that have become extinct, astonish us. The next 10 animals are the statement of the miracles nature can give….

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Top Ten Stupid Ways to Try and Kill a Zombie

These methods of destroying the un-dead will either not work and/or get you and other killed. So please, next time you’re up against a zombie in a fight to the death (literally), use your brain so you can destroy theirs. 10. Cross-bow Actually a Cross-bow would be a very good weapon during the zombie apocalypse….

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Top 10 Most Popular Memes

Since memes only just recently began their hillariousity online (and by recently I mean since 2010), they don’t really have a standard format. The two most popular kinds are the cartoon faces usually at the end of mini-comics that are always super relatable, and animals inside different color pinwheels. Of course there’s the occasional political/newsworthy…

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Top 10 Free Game Apps

Everybody knows only suckers pay for apps, especially when you can play the lite versions and get bored before you run out of levels. Although some of these really are worth the dollar expense, the lite versions of the ones below are usually pretty impressive. 10. Finger Olympics I thought it would be timely to…

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